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The Importance of Geography Education

The Importance of Geography Education | Geography Education |

This is my first blog post (that I'm publicizing) on my new site.  So this is my first chance to announce the unveiling of my new site.  Several readers mentioned that it would be great to archive their favorite resources from this site in a way that was more thematic (or regional for those that teach regional geography).  I have started to do just that.  The site is still VERY much under construction (currently the only populated tabs are "Regional" and "What's New") but I hope in the future to continually expand that.  I will continue to post the newest resources here, and this site is linked via the "What's New" tab.  I hope this can help for your future lesson planning needs and since the 'tags' are not a foolproof way of searching for something that you've read.  Plans are still fluid so I'd gladly accept suggestions to best suit my reader's needs (post in the comment box below). 

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Geography Education
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