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Brazil Rides Wave of Growth as Larger Economies Struggle

Brazil Rides Wave of Growth as Larger Economies Struggle | Geography Education |
Brazil, South America’s largest economy, is finally poised to realize its potential as a global player, economists say.


This article, dated 2008, shows how at the beginning of the global economic downturn, Brazil and other "BRIC" countries were comparatively doing better compared to the more established economic powers.  Although Brazil has been frequently noted for it's unequal distribution of wealth, since 2001, this income gap has been shrinking and a middle class is starting to grow. 

Derek Ethier's comment, September 30, 2012 7:09 PM
This is very beneficial for Brazil, especially with the World Cup coming within the next few years. A middle class is essential so that there are consumers. In a country with only an upper class and desperately poor lower class, poverty and crime run rampant in the masses while a small elite control the nations money. It is important that Brazil continue this trend of a shrinking income gap.
Cam E's curator insight, February 11, 11:06 AM

My favorite economic stories are the ones where everyone is raised up together. Increases for both the rich and the poor is a hard sale when many think it's only possible to raise up one at the expense of the other. Brazil becoming a global contender will be an interesting and fresh dynamic, as countries in Latin America are extremely underrepresented compared to countries in Europe.

Amy Marques's curator insight, April 24, 11:23 AM

Despite the U.S, Europe and other countries suffering serious economic loses, Brazil is experiences its biggest economic expansion in the last 30 years. Brazil has been long waiting for its spot in the global economy and it is finally reaching its potential with the new oil discoveries off the coast of Rio de Janeiro. The country also exports commodities like agricultural goods and oil which has driven most of its recent growth. 

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