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The Power of Comparison: Just How Big Is It?

The Power of Comparison: Just How Big Is It? | Geography Education |

This site transposes global events or features (e.g.-If the Great Wall of China were in Europe, how many countries would it go through?) and places that event on a portion of the Earth more familiar to students to help them relate more to the magnitude of global news.  Just how big is Africa compared to Europe or North America?

Cam E's curator insight, January 29, 2014 1:56 PM

I was especially surprised by the map of Africa, I had absolutely no idea it was that large! Fitting China, most of Europe, and the United States within it with room to spare is pretty incredible. It also gives me hope on the question of overpopulation. A good portion of the strip of Africa which equates to the United States has a very low population density mostly due to how harsh the climate is. Spaces such as this, and many others around the world, could provide new havens for humanity if technology could be developed to the point of being able to sustain large populations in harsh areas such as that.

Alyssa Dorr's curator insight, December 15, 2014 9:06 AM

"If I said a country was 1594719800 meters squared it would mean a lot less to you than if I said it was about the size of Greater London. This was the opening statement to this article, and indeed a very accurate one. How many times do people try to explain something with numbers but end up explaining it by using something else? A place? An object? The informational number doesn't mean as much to us. When the media discusses these geographical things, they compare them to different places, objects, etc. around the world rather than just giving you the value. They do this so we can imagine how big or small something is with our own eyes. The article tells us that creating a map is a great way to go about things, only if comparing a couple of things because after that it can start to get messy. Maps seem to be the better choice according to this article. There are many different ways that maps are being shown here. All their information can be described and easily interpreted.

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