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Mapping Earth's surface in 3D

Mapping Earth's surface in 3D | Geography Education |
The German satellite radar twins - TanDEM-X and TerraSAR-X - are a year through their quest to make the most precise, seamless map of varying height on Earth.


Geospatial technologies continue to make advances as well get to understand this world with increasing accuracy (shown above is a Digital Elevation Model of Iceland--turn head to the right and say 'oh'). 

Daniel Lindahl's curator insight, March 20, 6:02 PM

In this BBC article, the author discusses the future of mapping. The use of DEM (digital elevation model) allows cartographers to map extremely tall mountains more precisely.  This same technology could some day allow cartographers to more accurately map the ocean's floor as well, the most unmapped area on Earth's surface. 

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