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God Grew Tired of Us

God Grew Tired of Us | Geography 400 Blog |

In the 1980s, Sudan and South Sudan waged a terrible war based solely on religion. It's terrible that over 25,000 boys in South Sudan had to flee for their lives in fear that they would be murdered just because they were Catholic. The three young boys had to travel thousands of miles to flee to Ethiopia to avoid persecution and eminent death. By escaping their country, they also escaped bomb raids, dehydration, starvation and genocide. Eventually, these boys manage to make it to America, surviving their valiant journey.

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Europe's failure to integrate Muslims

Europe's failure to integrate Muslims | Geography 400 Blog |
Laws restricting Islamic symbols in the public sphere are fuelling political distrust and a shared sense of injustice.


It is unfortunate that Europeans and Muslims cannot manage to coexist without problems. It some cases, like the banning of the hijab in France, Europe fails to accept that Muslims wish to retain some of their cultural identity. People should be free to wear whatever they want in public. However, to play the devil's advocate, this is an example of undermining French culture. The French government likely fears that they will lose a France that is "French." As more and more Muslims come into Europe, Europeans likely will have to make concessions and be more tolerant. However, it is the job of Muslims to pay respect to the country they are living in, practicing certain customs when necessary.

Via Seth Dixon
Elizabeth Allen's comment, October 3, 2012 8:49 PM
As we leearned in class, Europe has a declining population. If Europe continues to ban certain religions and culture, then obviously its population will continue to decline. It seems as though religion and poitics clash, just as they do elsewhere around the world. If women want to wear headscarves, let them. They are proud of their religion just as many of us are. Seems to me that the world is becoming more secular, restricitve and intrusive than religious.
Shayna and Kayla's curator insight, February 6, 12:29 PM

This represents the religion section because Europe is restricting islamic symbols causing controversy .

Geography Jordan & Danielle's curator insight, February 7, 1:18 PM

Religion: freedom of religion is not a law is some parts of Europe