Incredible Shrinking Country | Geography 400 at ric |
There are “babyloids” and relatives-for-rent in an increasingly childless Japan.


While many parts of the world are concerned with population growth, Japan is struggling to find ways to slow down the demographic decline.  What economic and cultural forces are leading the the changing nature of Japanese demographics?  A video that explains the changing nature of modern Japanese relationships and gender norms can be accessed here:


This article helps to see why population is declining so rapidly in Japan. There is not just one contributing factor, but many factors. There is a high suicide rate and low birth rate. Many single Japanese women decide not to have children, while countries such as the US, many single women choose to have children. Japan's high divorce rate will also cause decline in population(women do not tend to have babies out of wedlock) . Al of these factors that contribute to the decline in Japan's population is hurting the economy. If the population does not start to increase, Japan will be further in trouble.  however, there is not much physical decline, most of Japan's population is enjoying a high life expectancy.  Elizabeth Allen

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