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David Cameron, the British prime minister, pledged full support for Turkish membership to the European Union during a visit to Ankara.


Turkey's application to the European Union challenges the very definition of "Europe" as various constituencies disagree on whether Turkey should be admitted in the E.U. or not. 


Turkey has made changes that should make her more attractive to the European Union. Turkey has done away with the death penalty and is more generous with women's rights. While it is not geographically in Europe, its location is profitable for commerce etc.  I think Turkey will be accepted into the EU soon.  It is better for the EU to have her ally with them and the EU is involved with Turkey in trade.  France and its former President, Sarkozy, has been one the biggest opposers to Turkey's admission to the Union. Now that a new President, Francois Hollande, is in charge,Turkey is hoping that Hollande will see what a strong player Turkey can be.  

Elizabeth Allen



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