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Rescooped by Victoria McNamara from Geography Education!

China to ease one-child policy, abolish labor camps, report says

China to ease one-child policy, abolish labor camps, report says | geographic world news |
China announces it will relax its one-child policy and abolish labor camps, the state-run Xinhua news agency reports.

Via Seth Dixon
Victoria McNamara's insight:

Throughout many years China has always had strict laws on how many children families should have. They recently started to ease their laws to allow people to have more than one child. I could see why they had their laws be only one child because they have such a big population. I also disagree with it because families should be able to have as many children as they want. 

Marissa Roy's curator insight, December 5, 2013 1:07 PM

Relaxing the one child policy will have many social impacts. In the article a few couples remarked that they would prefer to have 2 children as one child can be bored all alone. I bet that the number of abortions will fall and the number of female girls will increase as well.

Tracy Galvin's curator insight, May 3, 5:09 PM

The one-child policy has caused more problems than it has solved. China now has a larger male population than its female population and competition for brides is rampant. The labor camps were not actually training people in the way they wanted to, it was just an excuse to lock up people for petty crime and get free labor out of them. Hopefully, China will continue analyzing their social policies and making changes to better the country

Jess Deady's curator insight, May 4, 9:32 PM

The one-child labor law is one that should be extinct now. China needs to up their standards of living and allow people their freedom of choice. Who cares if the living situations are crammed to begin with? People need to have their right to choose how many children they do or don't have.

Rescooped by Victoria McNamara from Geography Education!

Beijing's Pollution

Beijing's Pollution | geographic world news |

Via Seth Dixon
Victoria McNamara's insight:

Beijing has one of the worst pollution issues in the world. The pollution is from the factories and burning coal and not filtering factories so the pollution goes out in the air. In the image you can see the city of Beijing and the factories located in the back and they are both in competition with each other. 

Jessica Rieman's curator insight, April 23, 2:18 PM

Beijing's Pollution is depicted throug this picture which shows that the factory is the equivalent of the "yello brik road" in this instance because it is where everything happens and where all the work is done and then the city landscape is depicted as cold in the dark grey scale. It depicts not only the spacial regognition but the actual, socitetal views on each place in relation to eachother.

Tracy Galvin's curator insight, May 3, 4:52 PM

It is a beautiful image until you read what it is actually depicting. It is very sad that a nation would choose money over the health of their citizens.

Glenn Cades Colada's curator insight, May 8, 7:36 PM

Beijing's pollution.


This is very interesting because it comes to show how humans have evolved and how they don't really care about the Earth's atmosphere.

Rescooped by Victoria McNamara from Geography Education!

What Pollution? Hong Kong Tourists Pose With Fake Skyline

What Pollution? Hong Kong Tourists Pose With Fake Skyline | geographic world news |
Picture this: Tourists visiting one of your city's most prominent attractions are unable to see it because of smog, haze and a bevy of other airborne pollutants. What's the solution?

Via Seth Dixon
Victoria McNamara's insight:

If the pollution is getting worse in Hong Kong why is it not being addresed? What are the people in charge focusing on? To me pollution would be a very important thing to fix because it could cause deaths if it is not fixed and just continues to get worse. 

Jake Red Dorman's curator insight, October 8, 5:11 PM

"Hong Kong permits the docking of ships that burn fuel with up to 3.5 percent sulfur content." This seems to be the number one problem to me. I thought the United States had pollution problems but according to this article it seems that the real pollution problems are in Hong Kong. The busiest loading port in the world, and they are letting ships come in and out that have 3.5 percent sulfur content. The United States and European countries only permit ships with 1 percent sulfur content. Does Hong Kong care about this problem, and what are they doing about it? A back drop of the city? They are blaming their screw up on Tropical Storm Trami saying that the storm decreased winds which they say "disperses pollution in the city."

Shanelle Zaino's curator insight, October 13, 11:01 PM

This story is amazingly disheartening to me. It seems it is actually more important to some people to take a perfect vacation picture than address the real issue. I think this backdrop is very misleading to people who will view these pictures and should be a wake up call to those who pose in front of it. More should be done to decrease the pollution from fossil fuels etc.

Hector Alonzo's curator insight, October 17, 8:50 PM

Seeing how Hong Kong is suffering from a pollution problem as severe as they are is interesting, but realizing that they need to disguise their problem with a backdrop of what the city skyline should look like for tourists. Hong Kong's geography and location was a contributing factor because of the surrounding bodies of water, the pollution was a result of tropical storm Trami and also made the haze worse in Hong Kong.