Geographic Information Technology
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Geographic Information Technology
I hope to bring together in one place the best current news and information of interest to those who are interested in Remote Sensing, Geography, Cartography, GIS, Spatial Analysis, Geospatial Sciences, and Geomatics.
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Locative Mapping Technology

Locative Mapping Technology | Geographic Information Technology |

An interactive map for worldwide geolocatonal tweets - - Also check out for popular topics on twitter per geographic location.

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Language on Twitter

Language on Twitter | Geographic Information Technology |
API Cartographer Eric Fischer plots language shapefiles of Twitter.

Via Andrew Shears, PhD
Emily Bian's curator insight, October 3, 2014 5:13 PM

This is a thematic map showing the different languages spoken on Twitter in Europe. This Europe thematic is really neat to look at, but it also shows globalization in that Twitter is everywhere, and people are more connected because of it. This increases interactions between people living in different countries, and even different continents. 

            3) language and communication

This will help future APHUG students, because Twitter is relatable to a lot of teens and it will open their eyes to the different languages spoken across Europe and the world, and it's not just English. It connects them to the rest of the world.