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Big Data Gets Personal | MIT Technology Review

May 2013 Business Report - Big data and personal information are converging to shape the Internet’s most powerful and surprising consumer products. They’ll predict your needs, store your memories, and improve your life—if you let them.

Artur Alves's insight:

"Big Data" is one of the tropes of the moment. But how much data is enough, and how much is too much? From personal life to politics, a renewed obsession with quantification and statistics indulges in the familiar promises of utopia: a better life, a more efficient society.

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MIT crowdsources and gamifies brain analysis | ExtremeTech

MIT crowdsources and gamifies brain analysis | ExtremeTech | Gentlemachines |

"MIT wants to change all that by tasking thousands of people with analyzing a 0.3-millimeter slice of mouse retinal tissue. Using a new site called Eyewire, MIT will ask users to track a neuron’s path by coloring in each axon (tendril). In the future, MIT will roll out another “game” which challenges users to find the synapses. The end result will be the connectome (a tome of connections) of the mouse’s retina."

Via Howard Rheingold
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