Open Governance and E-Rulemaking: Online Deliberation and Policy-making in Contemporary Greek Politics | Gentlemachines |

"One recent implementation of the idea of an open (e-)government is the website that was launched by the newly-elected government of the Socialist party in Greece (PASOK) in October 2009. In this website, draft laws per ministry are uploaded and citizens can upload their comments on every article, expressing their opinion or their disagreement. This online deliberative procedure provides a forum for constructive civic engagement on rulemaking and, moreover, given that the comments are incorporated into the final legal document, the chance for citizens to affect policy making to a certain degree. The website also provides the opportunity to watch videos of cabinet councils as a fulfillment of transparency in political procedures.

This paper examines how the premise of open governance is being implemented by the E-Rulemaking process on the specific website, and assesses its impact on legislation and policymaking issues."