"There was a lot of interest among EU policy wonks and digital rights people last week about an initiative called CLEAN IT, following the leak of its “confidential” draft recommendations. “Police to 'patrol' Facebook and Twitter for terrorists under EU plan” announced the UK’s Daily Telegraph. Cory Doctorow blogged about how an “EU working group” had produced the “stupidest set of proposed Internet rules in the history of the human race”. The blogosphere was soon awash with reports of the new ACTA. There was only one problem: CLEAN IT is not an EU working group, and its proposals are not an EU plan. (...)

What we’re really talking about then is a few meetings around Europe where representatives of law enforcement agencies, industry and government come together to discuss “terrorist use of the internet”. To most of the participants, it was probably a bit of a ‘jolly’; to the project leaders it was probably the cutting edge of cyber-terror policy. For what it’s worth, “terrorist use of the internet” is being discussed all over the place, including at the United Nations and Council of Europe, though these initiatives have apparently attracted much less critical attention."