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NOTE FROM PDJMOO: You better know that the powerful Chemical/Pesticide/Biotechnology Cartel is working overtime to buy off whoever they can to stop this one going through


October 27, 2012 - | Inter Press Service - A parliamentary standing committee on GM crops appeared to reflect the public mood when it recommended in August that GM crop trials be banned and future research conducted only under tight regulation.

“... existing regulatory system for introducing GM crops into the country was hugely compromised.”

... “A science-informed, evidence-based approach is lacking in the current debate on biotechnologies for agriculture.”...

... “There is concern about the costs at which seeds (from multinational companies that have patents on GM) are available to our farmers, particularly poor farmers.”...

... “The government should see the writing on the wall. It is now amply clear that this country of 1.2 billion people, 70 percent of whom are dependent on agriculture, is strongly against the introduction of GM crops,”...

Environmental activists are cautiously optimistic that a call by a court-appointed technical committee for a ten-year moratorium on open field trials of genetically modified (GM) crops will shelve plans to introduce bio-engineered foods in this largely agricultural country....




October 30, 2012: India Supreme Court refuses to ban open field trials of GM crops, next hearing on November 9 - Economic Times


October 30, 2012: SC allows GM trials for now - India -




October 19, 2012 One World South Asia

Indian farmers force authority to destroy GM corn

In a stunning development farmers in Kurukshetra, India, where field trials of Monsanto's GM corn forced the Haryana Agriculture University authorities to fulfill their promise on completely destroying the field trial ....



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