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Generative Systems Design
Complex Adaptive Systems, Process Design, Adaptive Push Back, Antifragility, Dynamic Organization, Autopoiesis
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In-sighting Emergent Capacities

In-sighting Emergent Capacities | Generative Systems Design |

It is not the designer’s role to steer individuals to any particular insight, or to mine the individual’s own intuition of what is leaning into their own horizon. Sometimes an insight or intuition can seem to be off track, or seem to take the student in the “wrong direction” – but emergent design requires that we drop the notion of “wrong direction” and allow the inherent genius of the co-creative, adaptive process to be generative of the process. To design for co-creative emergent process, means to discover, by trial and error if necessary, the minimum elegant structure for insight-generation.

Anne Caspari's insight:

There is something new happening; potentially beautiful/powerful and definetely insight-ful. :-)

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Integral Options Cafe: Eric Storm and Beth Meredith - Beyond Complexity (Integral Leadership Review)

Integral Options Cafe: Eric Storm and Beth Meredith - Beyond Complexity (Integral Leadership Review) | Generative Systems Design |

What is an integral leader to do when faced with a complicated decision but limited time and resources for thorough study? How does an integral consultant help a client avoid the overwhelm of complex analysis? One common strategy for dealing with complexity is to simplify. We squint our eyes and select what we perceive as the critical factors from the heaps of data. By choosing to emphasize some parts we can then set aside others, prioritizing for manageability. The disadvantages of this type of reduction are obvious: there is a risk of loosing important information and understandings, and reducing the quality of the outcome in the process.

Anne Caspari's comment, March 18, 2013 4:55 AM
this is a good understanding of late stage action logics and the skills of perspective taking, meaning making, and intuition. It also displays a slight developmental bias. Intuitive skills are by no meeans exclusive to later stage action logics.