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World silent as Muslim massacre goes on in Myanmar

World silent as Muslim massacre goes on in Myanmar | General Paper CG0213 Hong Xian Zheng |
Kourosh ZiabariMohammad Hossein Nikzad, a close personal friend and a senior student of political science just called me a few hours ago, worriedly talking about the dire situation of the Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar and the atrocities the Buddhist...
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'World silent on Rohingya genocide'

'World silent on Rohingya genocide' | General Paper CG0213 Hong Xian Zheng |

A political analyst says that the international community has not done anything about the Rohingyas problem so the massacre will continue especially when the Muslim world is not saying anything against what is going on in Burma.

The comments came after sixty-three Rohingya Muslims, including 23 children, fleeing the violence in Myanmar were found adrift in a wooden boat in western Indonesia, in the second such event this week. Indonesia police said on Friday that the vessel was found by fishermen with no engine while drifting off the eastern coast of Sumatra island near Aceh Province.: ....

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Hong Xian Zheng's insight:

It is sad to learn that even with the UFORH agreement, countries are still blatantly and so cruely violating the rights of its people. The act of shooting and sabotaging the boats of the Rohingyan refuges constitutes a clear violation of article14 in the UFORH and they should have allowed them to seek refuge in Thailand instead. It has also been repoted that Bangladesh has also begun to refuse these asylum seekers of entry into the country. It is really disappointing to learn that there are people who choose to give a cold shoulder to these innocent people who are merely victims of discrimination and opression in their own country, by asking them to return to their country.

patrik samek's curator insight, March 5, 2013 6:03 PM

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