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Rescooped by Mark Slusher from Geography Education!

Place-based Geography Videos

Place-based Geography Videos | General Technology Info |

Professor Seth Dixon shares over 50 of his favorite geography videos in this online map

Via Seth Dixon
Utah Geographical Alliance's curator insight, July 28, 2:56 AM
Utah Geographical Alliance's insight:

Incredible teaching resource from Seth Dixon.  Map with videos to use for teaching about locations on the map. I don't know any teacher who wouldn't love this!  Thank you Seth!!! Please check out the resources he provides at his ScoopIt Page - Geography Education, his Facebook Page- The Church of Geography, on Twitter at @Geoevangelize, and @SethDixon.  His up to date information and resources make teaching Geography so much more fun and easy!

Jacob Crowell's curator insight, October 5, 11:39 PM

This link is great. So many insightful videos. The one that we saw in class on the nuances of what makes up the UK was very interesting and fun to watch. The UK is a good example on how different geographies exist within the same "borders". In the UK there are many cultures, ethnicities, and politics that work together to make up a nation of nations. The historical scope of the British empire has led to many people around the world having shared connections through their shared past.

Matt Davidson's curator insight, October 23, 7:54 PM

Great site - showing locational context is important for not just Geography but every subject. How can we understand the complexities of topics like conflict or urban economies or agricultural histories.... without understanding locations and maps?

Rescooped by Mark Slusher from Just Story It Biz Storytelling!

How to Create More Powerful Content Marketing Stories

How to Create More Powerful Content Marketing Stories | General Technology Info |

These days, we hear a lot about the fact that content marketers need to be storytellers. Here are tips on how to create powerful content marketing stories.


I've curated this great video before from Chipotle, but it deserves another look. Not only did the company win awards and 7 million views for the video, they also took it a step further and told the story behind making the video. Good for them! Back stories are very powerful. Here's the link to the back story video: 


And I really like how the author Manya Chylinski talks about the functions stories serve, and how biz or branding stories can have many of these same functions, but with a twist. Your stories are more than entertainment -- they are your authentic voice. You share them to build loyalty, trust, engage with customers, and grow your business.


The author's tips are solid -- but nothing really new. So go watch the video again for a refresher example on effective brand storytelling and the other video as a back-story example!

Thank you fellow curator Giuseppe Mauriello @pinomauriello for finding and sharing this with us!


This review was written by Karen Dietz for her curated content on business storytelling at ;

Via Karen Dietz
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