The Teen Test for Your Leadership Skills | Gems for a Happy Family Life |

Just how good of a leader are you? A quick test may be how well you are “leading” with your teenage son or daughter.


Leading as a parent is one of the most challenging, purpose-filled jobs we have. Maybe it is just me, but parenting changes when your child is in the middle of those teen years. When they were younger, we could just tell them what to do, and they acted without too much fuss. When they were younger, they looked up to us almost with admiration.


Well, something happens to our child around the age of 16, and we change, too. We shift from an autocratic leadership model to a coaching one.


Here’s what I mean. Leading teens becomes about four key things:


1. Setting boundaries

2. Upholding accountability

3. Guiding, not telling

4. Inspiring


Read the article for insights on each of the four elements, plus the added input from other voices in the comments.


Via ThinDifference