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Apple Noise Cancellation Feature Is stolen from Noise Free files patent violation lawsuit against Apple Apple sued over for sharing business secrets and violating patents of noise free...


Apple is known for protecting its intellectual property rights by dragging the violators to the courts of law and suing them and forcing a ban on those products that infringe its patented designs. According to Apple, its not just suing the competitors but protecting the intellectual property rights of Apple which is mandatory. Following the recent patent infringements by various Samsung products, Apple seems to have got quite a good hold with quality lawyers fighting against the bad guys. It was also heard that Google is uniting with Samsung to fight against Apple's law suits against Galaxy Nexus.


Seems like there is someone strong enough to bring Apple to the courts of law for stealing the design and technology. Noise Free Wireless has accused Apple of using (stealing) noise cancellation technology that is currently used in iPhones. It has filed a patent violation lawsuit against Apple for using its patented and copyrighted design for noise cancellation that was registered back in 2007 US Patent No. 7742790 The company claims that Apple stole the idea of noise cancellation which was once demonstrated by Noise free to Apple in September 2007.
"On further information and belief, Apple provided Audience with Noise Free's confidential trade secret information to assist Audience in delivering a noise cancellation solution that was similar and/or identical to the solution that Noise Free designed," the suit alleged.

Noise free claims that terms with Apple went very well and it was planned to add noise cancellation in the upcoming iPhones. Based on that, both the companies continued meeting even in 2008 and Noise free had even shared confidential data with Apple like the user guide on how to implement noise cancellation. Also, it had provided Apple with a fully functional circuit board along with a phone on which the technology was implemented. A documentation on technology was also shared with Apple.