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Earlier we discussed that Musclenerd has been working on downgrading iPhone Baseband and that he announced on Twitter that all the pieces are in place and the downgrade process will be achieved. You can check the complete details here

Today, Musclenerd has announced on twitter that he successfully downgraded iPhone baseband 6.15which was earlier upgraded on his request to all iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS users to be able to unlock their devices. This however caused iPhones to lose GPS and some iPhones faced heavy battery drain. The good news is that very soon iPhone Dev-Team will be announcing a tool that will allow alll iPhone3G and iPhone3GS users to be able to downgrade their device baseband to any of the unlockable baseband, 05.13.04 from 6.15.00 which will allow the users to unlock their devices by using the software unlocking tool ultrasn0w

Here is what Musclenerd tweeted:

@dilbert4life thanks again for the extended loan of your 06.15 3GS...it ended up being the first ever 3GS to get downgraded to 05.13.04 :)
iPhone 6.15.00 Baseband Downgrade

Now that iPhone Dev-Team has successfully achieved a downgrade of baseband which was promised earlier, all iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS will be unlockable and what we hope from the iPhone Dev-Team next is to downgrade iPhone4 baseband so that it can be unlocked by downgrading to 1.59 baseband.