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Women steels 100 iPads in 36 Different cities costing over $56,000 in North Texas from 28 walmart stores and 8 target stores. The women, iThief stole 100 iPads from walmarts across North Texas.


A women named as iThief has been roaming in Texas stealing dozon of iPads costing more than $56,000. This iThief has hit 36 cities in North Texas from 28 Walmart stores and 8 target stores.


Collin County Bureau says she has stolen over 100 iPads from these stores. According to the police she visits the store in the early morning leaving groceries at the counter and then walking out of the store with two or three iPads.


Her latest target was Sherman Walmart where she was caught on the camera.

The Modus operandi is that the women enters the store as a normal shopping person. She fills her shopping cart with the groceries, she then goes to the electronic department saying that she wants to buy 2-3 iPads, the customer service assists her to the billing counter with the iPads. While the billing is still in process, this women slips in the iPads into the bag that she brought along with her and then leaves the store saying that she needs to get more money from her car and never returs.