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iOS6 Launch In WWDC 2012 Apple to launch iOS6 during WWDC 2012 iOS6 to bring new features and enhanced UI improvemnets for iPhones iPads and iPods.


We have just received a photo that confirms that Apple would certainly be talking about iOS6, the successor of iOS5 which is the world's most secure and advanced operating system. The image clearly say iOS6 which indicates that Apple would be announcing iOS6 during the WWDC 2012 which is starting from Monday June 11-15 in San Francisco.

iOS6 WWDC 2012 Banner

Earlier we have discussed that Apple might be launching new Mac Books during WWDC along with the new iPhone and iPad Mini. The most important of all was the iOS6 which runs on all iPhones, iPads and iPods. Now that its confirmed that Apple would be launching iOS6 during this conference, the big question is will iOS6 support iPhone3GS or will iOS5.1.1 be the last update of iPhone3GS? Nothing can be confirmed as of now but if we check history the same thing happend with iOS5 and iPhone3G. iPhone3G was left out because of limitations of RAM and processing speed. It seems likely that Apple would want its 3GS users to either sulk for not supporting iOS6 or to upgrade their devices to iOS6 compatible devices.