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Apple vs Google Apple's growth higher than Google Microsoft facebook and amazon's combined. 2012 Q2 Strongest company is apple against google and microsoft .


Apple's Q2 results showed a strong and persistent growth rate. Business insider has prepared a chart comparing the top leaders of the Business world along with Apple. The results say it all. According to the analysis, Apple's growth rate is higher than Google, Microsoft, Facebook and Amazon's combined growth. Apple's revenue and market capital investment has been at a splendid pace leaving every company behind. Apple's remarkable growth has been breaking its own records by competing itself - the motto in which Apple believes.


Apple generates almost as much revenue as Amazon, Microsoft, Google, and Facebook combined. Apple was at $39.2 billion, the other guys combined are at $40.4 billion. Apple's market capital investment has been all time high by crossing $600 Billion and was competing against Microsoft's 619. Apple's profits were up 94%. Google's were up 60%. Everyone else was down on a year on a year over year basis. And, Apple's profits of $11.6 billion are bigger than everyone else's profits combined, which came in at $8.33 billion.