NFL RB Adrian Peterson Rehabbing His Knee With Wii, Wii Fit | Geek Therapy |

"He's basically playing a video game with his leg." — Eric Sugarman, Vikings Head Athletic Trainer


These days, Mr. Peterson's knee-deep (sorry) in rehab; a process that has him trying all sorts of stuff, including some unique video games, to get him up to speed and back on the field as soon as possible.

Enter the Wii and the Vikings special 'Rehab Arcade'.

"The Wii Fit is actually really good for rehab," offered Mr. Sugarman. "One of the things he (Peterson) has to get better at doing, because of the injury, is balance… the ability to fire all those little fine muscles in there. And the Wii Fit is a really fun to work on balance."


The video on (not embeddable) goes into a great deal more detail on how the Vikes and Mr. Peterson are utilizing some special tech in hopes of getting him back for the 2012 season. The "Rehab Arcade" games include a side-scroller, a vertical scroller and more, and have Peterson using the team's leg press machine as a control input.