Psychiatrists Call Out DC Comics on Depictions of Mentally Ill | Geek Therapy |

"DC is not alone in using depictions that don't serve the mentally ill well," Bender told Newsarama. "But what we're finding is that, when they portray a character as being violent, and as being psychopathic, and the depiction uses language that refers to that person as mentally ill, there tends to be this link that's reinforced, this idea that those with mental illness are violent. Or that mental illness is causing this violent behavior, or this abhorrent thinking. And that's not the case."


Kambam said the problem is that the terms being used by comic creators to describe their villains — like "psychotic" and "schizophrenic" — are actual medical terms in the real world. "You're trying to explain a character's villainy or extreme violence by using a real-life illness, that people in the real world have, that are very common. That's when it's harmful to people in real life," Kambam said.