Young aboriginal mothers learn pregnancy health through comic book art | Geek Therapy |

Working to reach indigenous Aboriginal youth, as well as other Canadian youth, through comic book literature, the Canadian based Healthy Aboriginal Network is reaching the public with the launch of their latest new comic book, “It Takes a Village,” which outlines how young Canadian indigenous women can keep good health practices and habits during their maternity.

“The Healthy Aboriginal Network is a non-profit organization that creates comic books on health and social issues for youth. We’ve enjoyed a great deal of community support by telling relatable stories, which we’ve ensured by using First Nation writers and Indigenous illustrators,” outlines Healthy Aboriginal Network Director Sean Muir.

With a style that can help both male and female teens who often face decisions in life that can help or hurt them, the latest published comic honors Aboriginal tradition as it shares maternal and child health knowledge through best diet throughout pregnancy along with a safe respect of health and traditional medicines.


Topics covered in Healthy Aboriginal Network comic books include positive ways for Aboriginal youth to deal with peer pressure, sex and sexual health, gang violence, suicide prevention, drugs and alcohol use, pregnancy health and life for young mothers, stay-in-school importance, as well as respecting elders and yourself. Honoring Aboriginal traditional history and ways is also highlighted.