Zacuto’s 2012 Camera Shootout Concludes on August 15th, See What You Missed in Parts 1 and 2 | Gear in Motion |

Every single Zacuto shootout — and really all camera shootouts for that matter — seem to cause quite a debate. Feelings tend to be hurt if someone’s personal favorite isn’t near the top of the pack, and often more than one individual is unhappy with the way the test is being conducted or shown to the public. I was lucky enough to see the 2012 shootout in person, and while web video will never replicate the theater experience, my favorite scenes weren’t too far off from the majority of viewers — except in regards to the GH2 scene. That scene, to the surprise of many, just so happened to win a blind poll on NoFilmSchool right before part 2 was released. While the first two parts dealt with subjective choices, part 3 should finally reveal the empirical test where each camera is compared objectively.

Via Thierry Saint-Paul