4K Picture becomes clearer for broadcasters. By Dave Van Hoy | Gear in Motion | Scoop.it

Posted by Dave Van Hoy on January 3, 2013 • 

"In December Advanced Systems Group (ASG) focused our annual workshop on 4K and large raster production workflows. 4K has become the new HD, and professionals at every level of the production process have begun to embrace the benefits of higher resolution video acquisition – and the challenges of the data-intense workflows required to make them functional.

Not only does 4K provide more pixels for improved resolution, but the potential for high dynamic range (HDR) in terms of latitude and expanded color gamuts delivers greater color and contrast fidelity. Today’s HD broadcasts typically deliver 8-bit color resolution, but 4K provides 12-16 bit color resolution. 4K also rivals the look and colorimetry of film, which is prompting episodic television producers to replace 35mm film productions with large raster video options that future-proof programming for 4K delivery."



Via Thierry Saint-Paul