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VPN not only helps you to access your work machine back in the office, it can also provide consumers more secure Internet browsing or virtual LANs. Best of all, there are some good free choices available, too.


Not everyone needs enterprise-level VPN. Some people just want to be able to connect to their work machine without a lot of hassle. This may apply even more to those who work in small companies with little or no IT support. Others may just want to set up a secure, encrypted tunnel between two or more computer in order to collaborate or host PC game-playing sessions with friends. These VPN products are a bit different from remote control and access products like Team Viewer or GoToMy PC,which are designed more for accessing a single machine's files, or for desktop sharing. Two good examples are LogMeIn's Hamachi and Comodo Unite, which allow you to connect multiple computers securely.


If you are just looking for a way to secure your connection while browsing the Internet, check out our Best Free VPN Services. These services act as an anonymizer, changing your IP address so no one can track your activity, but also provides an encrypted tunnel for sensitive data. It's good additional security to have in place when connecting to the Internet at public hotspots.



Shrew Soft VPN (

aspThe easiest traditional VPN client around, ShrewSoft's VPN client makes setting up and connecting to an existing VPN client is easy. No more clicking through the built-in client in the operating system. Great option if you have a large pool of users who need remote VPN access



LogMeIn Hamachi (

Free for basic
Hamachi is one of the more business-focused non-traditional VPN products. Install Hamachi on multiple computers and be able to connect securely between the two (but there are a few software quirks).



Comodo Unite (

Another non-traditional VPN product, Comodo Unite lets users create secure connections between computers, share desktops, work remotely, chat securely, and share files and applications.



Wippien (

Wippien is a decent option if all you need to do with a VPN connection is to share files with friends or connect your computers in order to play games together. Many gamers like Wippien because they can host games on one machine and connect securely from another. It also has a built-in chat client.

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