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Scooped by Richard Spencer!

Search for flowers visually

Search for flowers visually | Gardening |

LikeThat Garden is a visual search app allowing  you to take pictures to identify flowers. Use your mobile  phone camera to find a flower just like that! Simply  take a picture of a flower, and instantly get search  results of your search as well as similar looking  flowers for inspiration and ideas. Get access to  thousands of different species with one amazing  app.  It’s as simple as: Snap It, Explore It, Find It. 

Richard Spencer's insight:

Ideal  app  for any amateur  garden enthusiast  helps  you  identify  any  plants  in  its  database. Of  course us  professionals know  it  all  anyway. But  with  new  varieties coming  on  the  market these  this  will  help  to  extend  our  knowledge  too.

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Scooped by Richard Spencer!

Guerrilla Gardeners Lift City Spirits

Guerrilla Gardeners Lift City Spirits | Gardening |
Our cities are getting bigger, with pollution a real problem - how can citizens create environments where nature and concrete co-exist?
Camacho Land Design's curator insight, December 31, 2013 3:38 PM

Guerrilla Gardening .... I absolutely dig this concept!