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Scooped by Richard Spencer!

How to choose the right potting compost for your plants

How to choose the right potting compost for your plants | Gardening |
What is the difference between bags of compost at the garden centre? Which compost should I use in pots? Here's my guide to potting compost
Richard Spencer's insight:
How to choose the  perfect   Compost  

This  is  an  excellent  guide  if  you  are  in  quandry  about  what  compost  to  use .
As  the  term  potting  compost  is  just  for  potting.

When  starting  any  plants  from  seed  they  need  very  little  nutriments  to  start  off  with.
You  can  virtually  start  the  seeds  in  wet  paper  cloth  -  Infact  there  are  some  firms  that  have  seed  mats   that  you  just  simply  lay  down  and  water.
Or  the  seeds  are  covered  in a  gel  and  you  simply  use  a  devise  similar  to  icing  a  cake.
Thats  how  simple  it  is  too  start  them  off  as  they  only  need  moisture  and  warmth  to  start  their  journey.

When  the  plants  reach  their  second  leaf  stage  then  they  should  be  transplanted  into  their  pots  with seed  compost  or  just  multi  purpose  compost  
until  the  plant  either  is  ready  to  be  transplanted  out  side  or  has  out  grown  the  pot  

However  they  are  several  important  things  to  remember  is 
(1) that  compost  has  very  little  short  use  by  date  about  a  month  ounce  opened  so  if  you  will  need  to  feed  it  after  that  or  just  top  it  with  fresh  compost.

(2)  Peat and  coir based  compost  will  have  to  be  really  soaked  well  with  a  fine  rose   afterwards  other  wise  the  compost  will  just  crack  and  the  water  will  just  drain  away  To  prevent  this  from  happening  you  place  your  pot  in  a  bucket  of  water  and  leave  it  until  the  you  can  see  the  water  on  top.
Then  let  it  drain  back  into  the  reservoir  
This  method  can  be  applied  with  seeds  also  but  presoak  the  compost  first  
then  lay  the  seeds  on  top  and  depending  on  their  size  sieve  the  remaining  compost  on  top  and  then  press  it  down  and  give  it  a  gentle  watering  

(3)  As  Peat  is  gradually  to  be  phrased  out  now  and  "Peat  Free  alternatives  which  often  contain  either  coir  or  plant  bi  products  like  bark  ect   where more  watering  is  needed  to  provide  healthy  plant  growth  

For  more  indepth  articles  on  peat  aternatives  check  out  

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Rescooped by Richard Spencer from green infographics!

Infographic: How-To Compost

Infographic: How-To Compost | Gardening |

Composting is the combining and managing of specific waste materials so that they decompose. Once the materials are mixed together, microbes in the soil will start to breakdown the waste and turn it into the nutrient rich material that helps plants grow.

By composting, you are not only creating something that helps keep plants healthy, but you are keeping compostable waste products like food scraps and yard waste out of landfills.

This infographic reviews the dos and dont’s of composting, where and how to compost, what to compost and what not to compost. You can also download a PDF of the poster.

Via Lauren Moss
Green Dot's curator insight, May 21, 2013 3:24 PM

Green Dot's Terratek Flex will biodegrade in a home composting environment

Jill Duncan's curator insight, September 23, 2013 8:33 PM

How to compost