What Surrounds You
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What Surrounds You
Eyes are the window to your soul, what we see shapes that soul
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Rescooped by Derek / D will Do from Art Installation

Daniel Arsham面壁思過白牆裝置藝術

Daniel Arsham面壁思過白牆裝置藝術 | What Surrounds You | Scoop.it
在小時候媽媽開始實行愛的教育之後,雖然不必被打屁股被打手心,但是還是要面壁思過十分鐘,小時候的十分鐘感覺跟一個小時一樣,於是小小的腦袋就會在白色的牆壁上幻想。 藝術家Daniel Arsham的朋友...

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