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There and stardom up to track those abs nice and tight outhit lower back flag is that matter moving his legs as fast as you can control make sure they don't get out of control make sure you don't feel like those hips are shown in Iraq on you keep everything nice and solid just a few more seconds to go and looks good jobs in the row number two got a short break before we start in a row number three her and start up his feet moving back and forth nice quick motion remember whatever you do don't want those legs move too fast so you're out of control you want to make sure you could stop at any point control that motion so make sure you're not swinging those legs outta control you're not trying to stretch a leg over your head too far almost done hamlet a relax good job are you connate-second rest the all-star into our last round.

Those legs up there go one more round Togo and started a very keep those core muscles nice and tight back fighting is that Matt and don't want those hands creep in it that but make sure those hands staying nice and wide perfectly straight leg halfway through this round ski pushing it keep those lines open breathe normally camera tax good job is your last one of those issues are starting back over another hit exercise we're going to be doing to Jack jumps and to high-needs Naval Lax arrest you can always positive here take a little bit exe rest before starting to this next round otherwise skaters feet moving on we started up in just a couple seconds.

Let's go ahead and get ready and start real this feat out men to and then nice high knees two on each leg make sure you're moving as quickly as you possibly can especially with those high knees trying to get as much a range emotions possible driving that me up as high as possible make sure that hopped with this feat in an out is really nice and quick bailey button those toes to Seagram’s' free bring them back in and let a relax your first round down now ready for that up quick up in an out the drive is news that honey just keep those lines open keep those core muscles nice and tight makes you remove those legs as fast as you can almost done a little bit longer X good job take a breather to those lines open to keep moving those feed back and forth don't stop going to ready for that next round starts am beginning to speak on Outback high knees nice and quick we were trying to put a range emotion especially for those high knees really focusing on trying to move his feet as quickly as you can possibly control keeping those lines open breathing normally keeping all those core muscles nice and tight though.