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Is Google losing its biggest fan on Google Glass?

Is Google losing its biggest fan on Google Glass? | Gadgets I lust for |


Larry Page is on stage at TED right now. I'm at home watching.
He is not wearing Google Glass.

Guillaume Decugis's insight:

Excellent rant by Robert Scoble on Google Glass. That product is already getting old without having even been launched and lack of CEO support is definitely worrying. I've been skeptical on this project since I first heard of it 2 years ago: primarily because I had doubts about Google being the right company to bring that change. 

As a gadget nerd, I's still love to be proven wrong though.

Emmanuel HAVET's curator insight, March 21, 2014 11:32 AM

Bien que certains soient sceptiques sur la disponibilité du grand public faute de support suffisant interne et/ou externe, ce projet est formidable pour :

- Démontrer les freins à l'adoption

- Démontrer les soucis de sécurité et leur impact éventuel

- Donner à Google une incroyable avance sur les OS IoT (enfin, formidable, c'est relatif)

- Projeter les usages, bien au delà du grand public, car c'est probablement ailleurs qu'est le potentiel économique.

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