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Bose SoundTouch Is a Simple, Sonos-Like Wireless Music System

Bose SoundTouch Is a Simple, Sonos-Like Wireless Music System | Gadgets I lust for |
Meet Bose SoundTouch, a combination of hardware and software aimed at making the easiest, most seamless wireless music system ever. It's a direct shot at Sonos's excellent system from one of the most recognizable names in consumer audio.
Guillaume Decugis's insight:
The ability to stream your music all over the house looks fantastic.
Richard Platt's curator insight, February 13, 2014 5:54 PM

More on the Bose SoundTouch that others have tried to do, it's good to see that Bose made a stab at this, it is more likely going to be successful in getting adoption / acceptance of the wireless music throughout the home than others due to the fact that it's married to an actual product that people already like.....One of the strategies for successful adoption a new tech (when attempting to move up the S-curve of adoption) is to marry it with another technology that is already being accepted by the marketplace. 

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