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Some Thoughts about the iPhone 5S Camera Improvements

Some Thoughts about the iPhone 5S Camera Improvements | Gadgets I lust for |

One of the big improvements that comes with the iPhone 5S is a new camera system, with a faster aperture for more light throughput, bigger 8 MP sensor with correspondingly bigger pixels, dual LED color temperature matching flash, and improved ISP. I thought it worth going over some of the changes before we look at it in the review since there’s already honestly quite a lot that I’ve gathered about the 5S system just from examining EXIF on the images from Apple’s uploaded sample images gallery, what I saw in the demo room on a 5S, and what has been said publicly.

Guillaume Decugis's insight:

A detailed professional analysis of the iPhone 5s camera improvements. They may be hard to understand for amateurs like me, but they sound real.

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