On 2nd November 2012, Prof. Steve Bishop (chair) hosted the GSDP meeting “a dialogue on a global, integrated systems approach for policy-makers”.


This meeting was held at UCL and was attended by several prominent scientists, policy makers and advisors, including Lord Julian Hunt as the keynote speaker. Framing talks were given by: Jamie MacIntosh (UCL), Yulia Timoshkina UCL and Gazprom, Jeff Johnson (OU), Greg Fisher (Synthesis), Paul Ormerod (Volterra), Yasmin Merali (Warwick), and Bernard Silverman (Home Office). The talks given and subsequent discussion focused on the role of narrative in communicating complexity and systems theory more effectively to policy makers and decision takers. In particular the discussion examined ways in which researchers could better communicate and relate complex models to address major issues that are facing us as a society such as climate change and the financial crisis. Both of this issues were cited as examples where existing models had failed and needed to be improved especially with a complex systems perspective. The dialog also looked at the many challenges researchers face in communicating these more complex systems based ideas that do not always have a simple black and white answer.



Steven Bishop (chair), UCL
Peter Baudains, UCL
Lord Julian Hunt, UCL
Yulia Timoshkina, UCL (Honorary Research Associate)
Jeff Johnson, OU
Jamie McIntosh, UCL Institute for Security & Resilience Studies
Greg Fisher, Synthesis Think Tank
Paul Ormerod, Volterra Consulting
Yasmin Merali, Warwick Business School
Bernard Silverman, Home Office
Chris Farmer, Oxford University
Maria Angulo, DEFRA
Rachel Freeman, Sustain