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FuturICT Events of Interest
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FuturICT – Global Participatory Computing for Our Complex World 

FuturICT – Global Participatory Computing for Our Complex World  | FuturICT Events of Interest | Scoop.it
FuturICT – Global Participatory Computing for Our Complex World Date: Friday, 18th January 2013Time: 3:00 pm – 4:30 pm 
Venue: Lecture Room 5, Level 3, Nanyang Executive Centre 
Address: 60 Nanyang View, S(639673)
Dirk Helbing is Professor of Sociology, in particular of Modeling and Simulation at ETH Zurich
FuturICT – Global Participatory Computing for Our Complex World
AbstractThe ultimate goal of the FuturICT flagship project is to understand and manage complex, global, socially interactive systems, with a focus on sustainability and resilience. Revealing the hidden laws and processes underlying societies probably constitutes the most pressing scientific grand challenge of our century and is equally important for the development of novel robust, trustworthy and adaptive information and communication technologies (ICT), based on socially inspired approaches.
Integrating ICT, Complexity Science and the Social Sciences will create a paradigm shift, facilitating a symbiotic co-evolution of ICT and society. Data from our complex globe-spanning ICT system will be leveraged to develop models of techno-socio-economic systems. In turn, insights from these models will inform the development of a new generation of socially adaptive, self-organized ICT systems.

FuturICT as a whole will act as a Knowledge Accelerator, turning massive data into knowledge and technological progress. In this way, FuturICT will create the scientific methods and ICT platforms needed to address planetary-scale challenges and opportunities in the 21st century. Specifically, FuturICT will build a sophisticated simulation, visualization and participation platform, called the Living Earth Platform. This platform will power Crisis Observatories, to detect and mitigate crises, and Participatory Platforms, to support the decision-making of policy-makers, managers, and citizens.
Thorbjoern Mann's comment, January 12, 2013 12:31 PM
In the course of a LinkedIn discussion, I developed a concept for a global framework fro the discourse about responding t the global crisis -- with an emphasis on a componetn of systematic and transparent assessment of arguments aiming at bringin argument merit to bear on decisions. Is this something your project is interested in? How can I find out/ contribute?
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Workshop by FuturICT in conjunction with MIT Media Lab during AAAS - 2013 AAAS Annual Meeting

Workshop by FuturICT in conjunction with MIT Media Lab during AAAS - 2013 AAAS Annual Meeting | FuturICT Events of Interest | Scoop.it

AAAS 2013 Annual Meeting The Beauty and Benefits of Science


---------->7/1/2012 Update

The meeting is organized along with the AAAS meeting (http://www.aaas.org/meetings/2013/)


Workshop Organizers:

Anna Carbone (Politecnico di Torino, Italy)

Alex ‘Sandy’ Pentland (MIT Media Lab, USA)



Albert Lazlo Barabasi (Northeastern University, USA)

Damon Centola (MIT, USA)

Dirk Helbing (ETH Zurich, Switzerland)

Cesar Hidalgo (Harvard University, USA)

Ramesh Jain (University of California, Irvine)

David Lazer (Harvard University, USA)

Gene Stanley (Boston University, USA)

Alex Vespignani (Northeastern University, USA)


More information on this workshop can be downloaded here:








-----> 3/12/2012 Original posting

The 2013 AAAS Annual Meeting in Boston (14-18February 2012) will highlight the “unreasonable effectiveness” of the scientific enterprise in creating economic growth, solving societal problems, and satisfying the essential human drive to understand the world in which we live.


FuturICT will be holding a Workshop at MIT MEDIA LAB 13-14 February in conjunction with the AAAS.org Annual Meeting. Meet Sandy Pentland, Dirk Helbing & others from FuturICT. For further information contact team@futurICT.eu

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FuturICT Hungarian Kick Off Meeting

FuturICT Hungarian Kick Off Meeting | FuturICT Events of Interest | Scoop.it

FuturICT Hungarian Kick Off Meeting


The project kick-off meeting at Szeged University (SZTE) took place on 7 December 2012.  The project is sponsored by the Hungarian Government and started on December 1 for 24 month, with a budget of 1,6 billion HuF (ca 5.5 million Euro).  The consortium is led by Mark Jelasity for SZTE, and the subproject leaders include Janos Kertesz (CEU) and George Kampis (Eötvös).


The goal of sciences has always been twofold: understand the world around us and contribute to the development of mankind, improve the quality of the life. As human society is getting more and more complex, new problems and opportunities are arising as consequences of globalization, technological, demographic and environmental changes. To combat these challenges we have to unite the forces of many disciplines and reach new scientific breakthroughs, address the techno-socio-economic challenges in a common multidisciplinary framework. Hungary has a long tradition of excellence in various fields of sciences and a strong commitment to participate in the FuturICT effort.



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Smart Cities conference - 5 December 2012   - CEN-CENELEC

Smart Cities conference - 5 December 2012


CEN, CENELEC and ETSI (the European Standards Organisations) were invited by the European Commission to participate in the recently set up High Level Group by the European Innovation Partnership on Smart Cities to give input on standardization needs.

Increasing levels of activity at European level on the topic of Smart Cities, have therefore prompted CEN and CENELEC to consider the potential need for standardization work in support to Smart Cities at European level.


To start the debate on this topic, CEN and CENELEC are organising an open event on Smart Cities and Energy on
5 December 2012. This conference is organised in conjunction with the CEN-CENELEC Sector Forum Energy Management and will take place in Brussels.


Please consult the draft programme.

Register by sending us an email stating your name, your interest in the topic, and your company/organisation name.

Admission to the event is upon confirmation of registration only.

If you have any further questions on this event please contact Ms. Andreea Gulacsi.

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