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Exploring future trends
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Rescooped by Trudy Raymakers from green infographics

The City of 2050: An Interactive Graphic

The City of 2050: An Interactive Graphic | Futurewaves | Scoop.it

Have you ever wondered where you or your children may be living in 2050?
Experts predict that by then three-quarters of the world's population will live in cities. For part of its Tomorrow's Cities season the BBC takes a look through the crystal ball to imagine what city life might be like in 40 years' time.

Find more details at the interactive graphic at the link.

Via Lauren Moss
Monica S Mcfeeters's curator insight, August 23, 2013 4:15 PM

Here's some ideas on how we might live in the future. What do you think?

Scooped by Trudy Raymakers

Future Forecast

Future Forecast | Futurewaves | Scoop.it
The Future Forecast, The World of Learning and Futures Thinking describe the way KnowledgeWorks approaches educational reform.
Trudy Raymakers's insight:

This forecast previews five disruptions that will reshape learning over the next decade. Responding to them with creativity rather than fear will be critical to preparing all learners for an uncertain future. Democratized startup, high fidelity living, de-institutionalized production, customizable value webs and shareable cities.

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