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Main/Super Speed - Television Tropes & Idioms

Main/Super Speed - Television Tropes & Idioms | Science, Technology, and Current Futurism |

When it's not incorporated with Flight, it's at least the next best thing. Super speed means super speed. Super speedsters are not just faster than your average human (otherwise, they might as well be cheetahs). They're faster than a speeding bullet.


Sharrock's insight:

Time perception of the SuperMind

I’m not saying that Orson Scott Card was THE first, but he was the first author I have come across who dealt with the time perception differences of a sentient artificial intelligent machine and how it impacts its social needs. The “character” felt loneliness and rejection and other emotions in moments of disconnect because of its high-speed cognitive processing. This will impact how super AI machines minds interact with unenhanced humans. This kind of “time perception” also has implications in characters when they have superspeed powers—Superman, Flash, Quicksilver, etc. We know that superspeed cognitive processing is a weapon for solving problems in a crisis, but what is it “like” for everyday socializing and recreation when their superfast thinking is always “on”, a part of them?  Also, have you come across any books that deal with these issues? What are your thoughts?

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