How Punchdrunk Theatre Reels ‘em In With Immersive Storytelling | Film Futures |

Zan Chandler: why have I posted this to Film Futures? Good question. As we look at the possible future paths for filmmaking we must consider how the boundaries of art disciplines are blurring. This event pushes the boundaries of theatre. At the heart is the idea of being immersed. How can we make this happen in cinema?


Frank Rose: "People have always wanted to immerse themselves in stories, and digital media have given them any number of ways to do so, from Grand Theft Auto and L.A. Noire to alternate-reality games like Why So Serious?, which drew more than 10 million people into the saga of The Dark Knight before the movie opened. But the desire for immersion has spilled over into the purely analog world as well, as Sleep No More attests."

Via The Digital Rocking Chair