15 tips to ensure KM's success | Future Knowledge Management | Scoop.it

Madanmohan Rao:

"An important issue for long-term success of KM initiatives is aligning them with organizational strategy, especially in times of change."


"At a recent monthly meetup of the Bangalore K-Community, panelists fromUnisys, Citigroup, Mindtree and Ernst & Young discussed 15 useful, actionable tips to ensure that a company's KM initiatives succeed not just at launch stage but also over the years to come.

1.  Bring KM into mission-critical activities. 

2.  Focus on knowledge retention during times of attrition. 

3.  Use KM to improve understanding and execution of business reorganization. 

4.  Go beyond connecting to networking. 

5.  Conduct more research on knowledge work.

6.   Pay more attention to design and visualization.

7.  Pay attention to the requirements of mobile knowledge workers. 

8.  Blend informal and formal activities in knowledge-sharing sessions.

9.  Broadbase the KM initiative and don't restrict it to only select managers or project heads.

10.  Highlight KM practitioners across the board.

11.  Don't pitch KM as an "extra" activity to be done after normal work hours...

12.   Avoid too much theory and jargon.

13.   Don't get hung up on the name KM.

14.  Use metrics and analytics effectively...

15.  Help ensure long-term success of KM by evangelizing it to students."