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By Babra Gago:

"The future of knowledge management is about letting employees curate their own information consumption, empowering them to be in charge of their own learning and professional development.

Conversations need to be indexed, but so do updates from processes, customer interactions, and news about related projects. External data needs to be brought in to enhance internal data, and people need to be able to act in real-time–not ask 5 different people for a file or wait until tomorrow because their manager is half-way across the world.

Information today needs to be searchable, and it needs to be accessible anytime, anywhere. Relevance is subjective, but 21st century knowledge management provides different experiences for everyone, adding the right conversations in context. This is the power private social networks can provide.

You can categorize content all you want trying to make it more contextual to different groups of people, but at the end of the day, I know what I need to do my job well. With private social networking, I can follow the people I need to follow, search for subject matter experts that can help, get updates from the business applications I use, and tap into the on-going conversations happening around me, so I can spend less time in meetings, searching for files, or waiting for the answers I need to do my job more effectively."


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