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Dr.Jay Liebowitz shares his top ten keys to success for knowledge management projects at a session at KMWorld 2012, titled 'Critical Success Factors for Knowledge Management Initiatives.' (10 Keys to Success for Knowledge Management Initiatives


In that session, Dr. Liebowitz shared his “Rules of the Road," compiled from a combination of professional experience and a survey of the literature on the subject.

Here are his "top ten" keys to knowledge management success:

Have A Senior Champion & Align Your KM Strategy With Your Organizational Strategies, Goals, and ObjectivesDevelop A Well-Designed KM Implementation (People, Process, and Technology)Develop a Formal Knowledge Retention Strategy—Start from Day One of the Employee’s Life with the OrganizationIncorporate KM as Part of Human Capital Strategy, Succession Planning, Workforce Development, and/or Quality ManagementBe Thoughtful in Your Approach (Knowledge Audit, Social Network Analysis, etc.)Align Your KM Approaches to Fit Your Organizational CultureCelebrate the Successes, Then Bring in the Bittersweet StoriesDevelop KM Metrics, Especially Outcome MeasuresDon’t Force-Fit Technology (People/Culture/Process Are Where the Rubber Hits the RoadKM is Just One Part of Your “Strategic Intelligence”

Video here: http://www.kmworld.com/Videos/