Is It Possible to Change a Knowledge Management Culture Without Addressing Organizational Culture? - Sarah Dimick | Future Knowledge Management |

"...the approach presented by Raouf Naggar, head of strategic development at the Hydro-Québec Research Institute (IREQ), this past June in Montréal. At the Conference Board's Executive Meeting of the Council for Information and Knowledge Management (CIKM), Mr. Naggar presented IREQ's approach to managing ideas in an environment and culture that in the past would typically work against sharing ideas. This is essentially due to the nature of its R&D activities and to the possible competition between researchers to obtain projects."


"Is there an effective way to change behaviour in large and established organizations? Can changing the value proposition to focus on motivators and community building work to shift the behaviour while sidestepping the monumental task of changing the culture in this or other large and established organizations?

IREQ is at the beginning stages of this process of drastically shifting organizational culture. The Institute's efforts to establish communities and motivate idea sharing through tapping into employees values are a work in progress that, if successful, will gather, store, and work to develop countless ideas that have the potential to improve the business."