How do we transfer knowledge through everyday meeting talk? - Lesley Crane study asking for participants | Future Knowledge Management |

"Lesley Crane is a final year PhD student investigating organizational knowledge work - knowledge transfer and sharing. Her study focuses on how such work is accomplished in everyday meeting talk. This seems to me to be an original approach in that it locates the study of knowledge in talk and text, and it is this discourse which she is analysing to investigate how and with what effect people share and create knowledge. 

She is looking to engage with organizations who would be willing to take part in her study. It is unobtrusive - she doesn't even need to be present! All she needs are good recordings of any type of organizational meeting. The only proviso is that participants need to be English speakers! Confidentiality and anonymity are guaranteed. 

If you would like to help please get in touch with Lesley via email @ 

If this approach intrigues you as it does me then you will find two of her past papers here 

A New Taxonomy Of Knowledge Management Theory: The Turn To Knowledge As Constituted In Social Action 

What Do Knowledge Managers Manage? Practitioners' Discourse In An Online Forum Compared And Contrasted With The Literature