The days of knowledge management are over. We need knowledge architects | DZone | Future Knowledge Management |
If you want to find one of the most vague, misunderstood, but critical roles in an enterprise it’s probably in a division called “knowledge management...(RT @MeghanMBiro: The days of knowledge management are over. Design thinking is at the heart of this “nudge” – a focus on not just “improving” the customer experience for the sake of satisfaction, loyalty, and revenue, but to actually influence behavior in a certain way to maximize those returns through often hidden or subtle ways. To go back to our original topic – knowledge management – we’d do better call it knowledge architecture and focus on the design of the ecosystem and processes in which it all happens as one big strategic nudge toward a better world. Not only does knowledge architecture sound better (and not bring up bad memories), it’s also more accurate – it conveys how skills and topics like design, strategic planning, behavior, economics, and psychology all fit into this very strategic role.