Developing a Knowledge Management Strategy Map | Peyman Akhavan, Reza Hosnavi Atashgah | Future Knowledge Management |

"This paper is to discuss a knowledge management strategy map based on Kaplan and Norton’s strategy maps. In this way, KM strategies are reviewed first and then Kaplan and Norton’s strategy map concepts are introduced as an overall methodology for extracting KM strategy maps. The required context will be explored for deploying both knowledge creating and knowledge application strategies in the organization based on four balanced perspective of knowledge management considered in this paper. The authors determined these four issues as balanced dimensions in the knowledge management strategies. These balanced dimensions are intellectual capital, KM processes, value creating dimension and KM performance dimension. Finally, a list is determined that includes various measures for each perspective. The identified critical success factors of the four balanced dimension can also act as a guideline for KM experts in the organizations. This helps to ensure that the essential issues are covered during design and implementation phase of knowledge management strategies."

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