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Endorse Brendan Eich | @zbraniecki

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Geek And Poke: This Week In Applied Mathematics

Geek And Poke: This Week In Applied Mathematics | fun for geeks |
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traceroute | @olamy

Nico's insight:

the output:

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Eclipse 4.3 Changelog

Eclipse 4.3 Changelog | fun for geeks |

Eclipse 4.3 Changelog:
- Added the word “Eclipse” to the spellcheck dictionary
- Corrected an instance in which Eclipse would fail to crash for no reason
- Increased the saturation

 of the application icon

- Printed out all the menu trees, cut them into strips, tossed them onto flypaper and modified Eclipse to match the new configuration

- Added six second delay to code autocomplete

- Added eight second delay to keyboard input

- Re-cropped splash screen image

- Added ten second delay to splash screen

- Redefined “malloc(” to “malloc(2*”


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