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Heh, heh, heh, buenos días to you too. Life on Mars, yes I read something about that, but we have bigger frijoles to fry!


Good news for you, your holiday weekend just got even more dynamite, no? ¡Sí! Sure Muchacho Spanky has the #1 Children's Book in the history of human kind -- my joyous first family adventure, The Legend of Muchacho Spanky, but there's more to tell you...Ready? Muchacho Spanky’s website is updated and ready to roll. Please enjoy.


You will find fun for the whole family. After you enjoy some adventures there, maybe pop over and have a look at The Legend of Muchacho Spanky, available everywhere in the galaxy where intelligent creatures thrive! It's the number one best seller and still climbing! How is that possible? Magic.


The link to my site is below. The website is open 24 hours per day, so come on in any time and don’t worry about waking anyone up!



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