Fuji Film or Fuji Digital? A Giveaway! | Rebecca Lily | Fujifilm X Series APS C sensor camera | Scoop.it


Just for fun, I’m doing a little giveaway here on my blog! As a photographer who shoots both Fujifilm and a Fuji X-E1 digital camera, I’ve had great interest in emulating the pastel look of overexposed, pro lab scanned Fuji Pro 400H film for my digital work to get cohesive results with both mediums. What began as a personal quest has found its way into my upcoming Pro Set II for Lightroom and ACR, which will be released next week. So, here is the challenge: look at the above images (you can click to see them larger). Then post in the comments what you think each image was shot on, Fujifilm Pro 400H, or the Fuji X-E1 post-processed in Lightroom with one of my new Pro presets.

The first one to guess both correctly wins, and gets to choose between:
- 3 boxes (15 rolls) of 120 Fujifilm Pro 400H
- My new Lightroom & ACR Pro Set II ...

Via Thomas Menk